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Get the best local home internet provider today!  Your computer and family will thank you for making the switch to faster more reliable home internet.

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Peace of Mind

Get the peace of mind you deserve with Blue Mountain Networks.  Our network infrastructure gives you access to blazing fast internet, secured networks, and amazing local 24/7 tech support.

Amazing Speeds

Amazing Prices

Don’t overpay for your internet.  Get the best prices and the best speeds with Blue Mountain Networks.

400/400 Internet

Perfect Internet for 1-3 People.

1 GIG Internet

Power All Your Devices At Our Fastest Speeds

1 GIG Internet + TV

Bundle TV & Save Today

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24/7 Tech Support

Expert, Friendly, & Local Tech Support

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Go Local. Go Blue Mountain Networks

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Symmetrical Speeds

Get the Same Upload and Download Speeds

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Redundant Networks mean better Uptimes

Home Phone Service

Get crystal clear phone service from  Blue Mountain Networks today.  Our home VOIP phone service will help you connect with the world in the palm of your hand.


"Excellent service and they did a great job on the installation.”

Peggy D.

Amazing speed and reliability. They installed my equipment and were very patient and helpful with all my questions. Highly recommend checking them out.

Marj D.

“Blue Mountain's prices are unbeatable... I'd go with them just for the pricing, but they know what it's like to be a local business like us.”

Nathan V.