Frequently Asked Questions

What does fiber optic mean?
  • Fiber optic is a type of broadband connection consisting of or using thin flexible fibers with a glass core through which light signals can be sent with very little loss of strength.
What are the benefits of fiber optic?
  • Fiber optic offers reliability over older, weaker copper based technologies (DSL)
  • Fiber Optic is not susceptible to most weather conditions (unlike satellite, fixed wireless or DSL). That means it doesn’t have to be repaired as often, making it the most sustainable option.
  • Fiber optic service offers faster speeds than other technologies.
Will service be offered to homes and Businesses?
  • Yes, this service will be available to both homes and enhanced solutions for businesses.
What does this mean for me?
  • This means that you will have access to an affordable reliable broadband service providing at least 100 Mbps of download speeds and all the way up to 2 Gbps.
Will I be able to bundle internet with phone service?
  • Yes. Blue Mountain Networks also offers digital phone service which includes UNLIMITED CALLS throughout the continental U.S..
If I switch from my current internet provider, I’d like to know what assurances I have my rates won’t skyrocket soon after??
  • Blue Mountain Networks has never utilized a “bait and switch” pricing tactic and will not do that in the future. The base price for services will remain the same, with negligible changes in tax or regulatory charges as they may occur.
Is Fiber the best option available for online gaming?
  • Fiber based service is definitely the best option for gaming.
Cost of unlimited access?
  • There are no data caps for this service. You will have unlimited access.
Who can I talk to about the features and options of this service?
  • You can contact Blue Mountain Networks dedicated sales team at 541-436-0223 or you email them at