April 26, 2023
Gorge Networks turns up first home fiber customer

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After three years of continuous work on a city-wide fiber network, Gorge Networks connected its first residential Fiber to the Home (FTTH) customer in February. Two new residential developments in Hood River can now access infrastructure that provides internet speeds of up to 1 gigabyte (download and upload).

The new service comes with a life-line voice service and boasts download speeds 20 times faster than technologies like DSL or cable, and 100 times faster upload. Founded in 1994, Gorge Networks offers voice, data and telecom services.

For the past three years, Gorge Networks has worked to successfully deploy more than 10 miles of fiber throughout Hood River. It first aimed to connect business customers in the Port and downtown areas on uber-high speed connections, and after a successful push in the business community is now able to provide the service to more densely populated residential areas.

“Fiber internet service doesn’t just mean faster speeds for our customers or more business for us. It has a positive impact on economic development. It is attractive for startups and new business to locate here,” said Dan Bubb, president of Gorge Networks. “It is also perfect for people with high usage needs working from their homes. Our hope is that our fiber infrastructure will provide better quality of life and create more ways for people to live and work in the Gorge successfully.”

The company plans to continue fiber deployment in newly developed residential areas throughout Hood River in order to expand its fiber service offering. Phase two of FTTH work will also include assessment of expanding fiber infrastructure to existing residential service areas. For more information on availability of Fiber to the Home services contact their sales department at 541-386-8300.