February 29, 2024
Blue Mountain Networks to complete network expansion project in rural Eastern Oregon community

A rural northeastern Oregon community is the site of a soon-to-be completed network expansion effort led by a local telecommunications provider.

Oregon-based Blue Mountain Networks has announced the anticipated completion of a fiber-optic network expansion project in Umatilla, a small city located on the south bank of the Columbia River.

According to Blue Mountain Networks, the project included construction of hundreds of miles of new fiber-optic cables in Umatilla County, a county that is more than double the size of Rhode Island.

“This development is expected to have a transformative impact on the area, enabling advancements in various sectors including education, healthcare, and local businesses,” Blue Mountain Networks stated in their Feb. 26 release announcing the network expansion’s completion.

The company said the project, which began in early 2023, is expected to be finished within the next week.

“Blue Mountain is dedicated to bridging digital divides and ensuring that communities like Umatilla have access to the very best in internet technology,” said Blue Mountain Networks CEO J Findley, in a statement included with the company’s announcement. “We believe that our investment in fiber internet infrastructure will unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in Umatilla and the surrounding areas.”

Blue Mountain Networks’ announcement said the Umatilla project “marks a substantial investment in the region’s digital infrastructure and signifies Blue Mountain’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art internet connectivity to local communities across the Pacific Northwest.”

According to the company, also known as Blue Mountain, a decision to invest in futureproofing communities with high-speed fiber has replaced the company’s former focuses of DSL, wireless, and cable internet services.

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