February 13, 2024
Bridging the Digital Divide: Our Journey with the ACP Program in Goldendale

As a local telecommunications provider in Goldendale, Blue Mountain Networks has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) on this community. The ACP has been a beacon of hope for many, providing essential internet access to low-income households and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to connect in our increasingly digital world.

Over the duration of the ACP, we’ve seen remarkable success stories unfold in Goldendale. Families accessing online education, individuals applying for jobs online, and seniors staying connected with loved ones are just a few examples of how the program has made a difference. The ACP has not only bridged the digital divide but has also fostered a sense of inclusion and community cohesion.

However, with the recent announcement from the federal government about the ACP being phased out, there’s a cloud of uncertainty hovering over those who have come to rely on this support for their internet needs. We understand the potential impact this could have on our valued customers and the wider community in Goldendale.

But here’s our commitment to you:

Despite the shutdown of the ACP, we at Blue Mountain Networks are steadfast in our resolve to ensure that affordable internet service remains accessible to our low-income customers. We believe that internet access is not just a luxury but a necessity for modern living, crucial for education, employment, healthcare, and staying connected with the world.

Our Pledge to Goldendale:

  • Continued Support: We are actively exploring alternative solutions and subsidies to replace the benefits offered by the ACP, ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy uninterrupted and affordable internet access.
  • Customized Plans: Recognizing the diverse needs of our communities, we will offer a range of internet service plans tailored to fit different budgets and usage requirements. Simply contact our team to learn more about our customized solutions.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Our team is committed to working closely with former ACP customers and any household concerned about affording their internet service. We’re here to help you navigate through these changes smoothly and find a Blue Mountain Networks internet plan that works for you.

Looking Forward:

Change is inevitable, but our dedication to our customers remains unwavering. We are more determined than ever to innovate and adapt in ways that uphold our commitment to affordability and accessibility for all. The end of the ACP marks not just the conclusion of a program but the beginning of our renewed efforts to ensure that every resident of Goldendale can access reliable and affordable internet service.

We invite our community members to reach out, share their concerns, and discuss how we can support your internet needs moving forward. Together, we can continue to bridge the digital divide and build a connected, inclusive future for Goldendale.

Blue Mountain Networks is not just your local telecommunications provider; we are your neighbors, friends, and partners in this journey. Let’s stay connected, Goldendale.

For more information or to discuss your internet service options, please contact Blue Mountain Networks at 541-370-3000. We’re here to ensure that every member one of our communities has access to affordable, high-quality internet service.